Despite rainy weather, students feel unaffected


By Gabriela Cazares-Lopez, Caroline Crisanto-Monge and Christian Urrutia

Due to continuous rain, a flash flood warning has been issued in the San Francisco Bay Area by the National Weather Service.

The flash flood warning has also been extended to Santa Clara and San Benito counties and is expected to last through Tuesday night.

Yet, with the severe weather in the Bay Area, students still find a way to commute to and from school.

“It (weather) doesn’t affect my commute that much,” said Sophia Rahi, a child family science major, “there’s delays and it took me a long time to get to school but dress warm and leave earlier for school.”


Other students said similar feelings about commuting to campus when the rain is at its heaviest.

“It doesn’t affect me much, I usually drive, and it does mean slower traffic because of the worse weather. “I don’t mind (the rain), people aren’t as careful, not as cautious but I don’t mind the rain,” William Wong, a zoology major said.

Communications major Marco Zavala said the rain doesn’t affect his commute, although wet and messy, he does not mind spending the $14 to get to school because he only travels to San Francisco State twice a week.

“If it was everyday (that I had to commute) it would be a different story,” he said.

Zavala also said he enjoys the rain especially in the Bay Area since it is always changing which, in his mind makes Bay Area weather unique and one of the best.

Other students do not have to travel as far to get to school.

For Cat Mendoza, a child development major, she is already used to the foggy nature of rainy weather from living in Pacifica, the rain is an inconvenience but only delays her trip by about ten to 15 minutes.

Although Ciarree Parker does not have the same luxury as Mendoza.
“I commute on BART, so it’s a hassle when it’s raining,” the criminal justice major said.

Parker said the fact that it’s wet, foggy, long lines and the hour and a half commuting time, generally discourages her from going to school.

“I generally try to avoid the rain but I have to come to school,” Parker said.


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